I don't know what to do...

or where to turn....

With all the uncertainties we are facing today, it feels like we have lost our bearings. What we relied on in the past including our work, our health, and our communities no longer seems stable.

  • How do you know you are on the right path?
  • How do you know you are making good decisions?
  • How do you know you are not just letting your fears get the best of you?
  • Most importantly, What is the life that longs to be lived through you?

    When discernment becomes a part of our life practice, we engage our world with grounded confidence. We can listen to our internal wisdom and move into right action instead of reaction. We spend a lot less time worrying and a lot more time trusting that we have all that we need to meet this moment with grace.

    I know what it is like to feel stuck and overwhelmed. When I went past my breaking point, laying in bed with broken bones not able to walk, I knew I had to approach life differently. So I began to let go of what no longer served me. Through the gift of discernment I found my way into the arms of grace. I'd love to share with you what I have learned along the way.

    With the practice of discernment you can experience the banquet table of overflowing life that awaits you.
  • You will learn

    • How to open your mind to new ways of thinking and fresh perspectives so that you can follow the synergies that emerge.

    • How to listen to your heart’s desire with curiosity so that you can let your innate wisdom guide you.

    • How to let go of what no longer serves so that you can say yes to what longs to spring forth.

    Meet Beth


    After serving as a pastor in a variety of settings in Georgia and Oregon, and then as Director of New Faith Community Development in the Oregon and Idaho conference of the United Methodist Church, I wanted to help big-hearted leaders have impact without exhaustion. I became a master certified integral coach as well as a meditative yoga instructor. My contemplative sensibilities and integral approach inform my coaching work with leaders all over North America and the United Kingdom.
    I have written 2 books, Weird Church: Welcome to the 21st Century and Discernment: Spiritual Practices for Building a Life of Faith. I also co-host "The Church is Changing" podcast.
    I am excited to offer you the insights and practices that have helped me to lead with wisdom and compassion.

    Discover the life that longs to be lived through you.

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    Bonus material

    • One Hour Live Session with your Group!

      If you get 5 or more of your friends to take this course with you, I will meet with you via zoom for a Q&A session

    • Guided Audio Meditations

      You will have unlimited access to calming meditations to use throughout your day

    • Spiritual Practices

      You will get simple practices to help you to build the capacities needed for a rich life of discernment.